M2J provides professional services to help you make the most of what Magic and Java have to offer.

Upgrade to MSE's uniPaaS

Upgrading to uniPaaS instead of converting to Java? We explain why you need to use MSE's Record Main Converter and what needs to be done after running the Record Main Converter.

M2J Technology Services

These services include system analysis, requirement analysis, technical support, Java training for Magic developers and Magic training for Java developers.

Magic Technology Services

We provide the highest level of Magic technology services. These services include project management, upgrade, installation and deployment services, application development, integration, consulting and training.

Java Technology Services

Our Java Technology services include project management, application development, creation of new Java methods you can call from Magic, consulting and training.

Need more than just a straight Magic to Java conversion?

We can help you if you need more than just a straight Magic to Java conversion. M2J can deliver:

  • A team of highly trained technical resources
  • Experience, resulting from more than 10 years of successful implementations of large scale Magic, Java and .NET projects
  • More than 50 man-years of Magic expertise
  • Cost effective high-tech offshore capabilities
  • Fixed price as well as Time & Materials