Optional one-time conversion fee:

There is an optional one-time fixed price conversion fee per application for those organizations that want to maintain the generated Java code. We automatically calculate this fee for you using the following pricing structure:

$1.00 per configuration file (magic.ini, keyboard mapping, font file, etc…); [1]

$1.00 per task; [2]

$0.50 per form; [3]

$0.25 per operation; [4]

$0.25 per expression; [5]

$0.25 per form control; [6]

$0.05 for each non-default property; [7]

$0.10 per file; [8]

$0.10 per field; [9]

$0.10 per index; [10]

$0.10 per virtual; [11]

$0.10 per IO definition;[12]

$0.10 per DB table definition; [13]

$0.10 per sort definition; [14]

$0.10 per user event definition; [15]

$0.10 per user-defined handler; [16]

$0.10 per SQL Where definition; [17]

$0.10 per Right definition; [18]

$0.10 per Model definition; [19]

$0.10 per Help definition; [20]

$0.10 per Menu entry; [21]

Each conversion includes our money back functionality warranty.

Prices are in U.S. Dollars. M2J reserves the right to update these prices at any time. A minimum conversion fee applies. Contact us for a free quotation and for pricing in your country.

Optional subscription:

If you want to continue developing and maintain your application(s) in Magic, you can sign up for our Maintenance & Support program, which is priced at 20% of the optional one-time conversion fee, per application, per year. While on Maintenance, you can convert your application(s) as many times as you want at no additional cost. Conversions are fully automated and even the largest applications will convert and compile in minutes after the initial one-time set-up.

Additional info per line item:

The line items above are all we charge for, but they are just of subset of what we deliver and what is required for a complete functioning system. We also provide our application functionality warranty at no additional cost.

[1] Deployment support for functionality such as logical names is included.

[2] All the default settings for task behavior, such as locking, transaction handling and much more are included in the flat fee per task.

[3] All the default properties of a form are included.

[4] Magic operations are very powerful and can have many sub-parameters, all of which are included.

[5] Magic expressions can be very complex and include Magic Actions, Magic Functions, Magic Literals and much more, all of which are included.

[6] Magic form controls, such as table controls and list boxes are very dynamic. All their default behavior is included.

[7] Every GUI object in Magic has a wide range of properties. Most developers leave most properties set to their default. This line item includes properties where the developer deviated from the default. An example of a non-default property would be a selection program assigned to an edit control, in which case all the functionality required to convert that would be included for this very low flat rate.

[8] All the properties of a file definition (except for the field and index definitions) are included.

[9] All the properties of a field definition of a file are included.

[10] An index can have many segments, properties and definitions, all of which are included.

[11] A virtual has many properties and definitions, all of which are included.

[12] An IO definition can have many properties, all of which are included.

[13] Each task can open zero or more database tables, all the required properties are included.

[14] All the capabilities and properties of a Sort Definition are included.

[15] User Events are included.

[16] All the properties of Event handlers are included in this low flat fee per Event Handler. We do not charge for standard handlers such as the Record Prefix, Record Main, yet all their functionality is guaranteed as part of our warranty, even for the Record Main.

[17] This fee applies to hard coded SQL Where clauses added by the application developer.

[18] An LDAP Rights server (which makes managing rights easier and even single sign-on an option) is included at no extra charge.

[19] All Models are supported.

[20] Help defined in Magic by the application developer is included.

[21] All the properties of the pull-down and context menu's are included.