M2J Converter

M2J automatically converts your application logic over to Java. Your entire application will be converted to a complete self contained pure Java application. After the conversion your applications can be freely distributed and easily deployed via the web.

With our optional subscription model you can convert as many times as you need, which allows you to continue to develop in Magic and deploy on Java, if you so desire. 

More questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or simply contact us by phone or email.


In the flash demonstration, which you can access after telling us a little bit about yourself, we will try to answer:

  • Why the Java community should be interested in Magic eDeveloper,
  • Why the Magic community should be interested in Java,
  • How M2J makes it possible to have best of both worlds.

We will do so with real-time demonstrations, in which you will see show how easy it is to:

  • Build database oriented applications in Magic eDeveloper,
  • Convert the application logic to Java,
  • Deploy and maintain the resulting pure Java applications.