M2J: Leverage Your Investment

Chris T.: We evaluated several alternatives, including manual and automated conversions to .NET as well as using our own off-shore resources to rewrite the application in Java from scratch. None of these alternatives could compete on price, time or quality with M2J’s converter.

Robin S.: Our Magic application has more than 6000 Forms and more than 4000 Tasks. The entire conversion process to Java is fully automated and takes just a few minutes.

Why M2J?

M2J is the only organization to ...

  • automatically convert your existing application logic to Java;
  • offer unlimited conversions to Java to allow ongoing development in Magic eDeveloper and uniPaaS;
  • support continued development & deployment in Magic eDeveloper and uniPaaS with new Java functions;
  • support the upgrade from eDeveloper to uniPaaS without the need to worry about Record Main removal.

This makes M2J uniquely positioned to combine the best of what the Magic environment and the Java platform have to offer:

  • Free deployment;
  • Free development;
  • Unrivaled resource availability;
  • Vendor & tool independence;
  • Unrivaled operating system & device independence;
  • The ability to automatically deploy, install and upgrade applications via the web;
  • Run connected & disconnected on mobile devices;
  • With M2J, Magic eDeveloper and uniPaaS become the most productive development environments for the Java platform.


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